Friday, November 09, 2007

Don Jail, Toronto (Canada), under investigation

A piece of the city’s history was unearthed last month when archaeologists conducting a dig at the old Don Jail discovered three human skeletons in what was likely a former prisoners’ cemetery.

In late September, archaeologists digging a trench in the parking lot just north of the jail found skeletons lying face up about one metre under the pavement.

Since the discovery, speculation has arisen that the remains are likely those of more than 20 prisoners who were hanged in the jail’s gallows during an era where capital punishment was common place.

Located near Broadview Ave. and Gerrard St. East, the jail is the subject of an assessment proposed by Bridgepoint Health, who purchased the site in 2002 and has plans to convert a portion of the land into a hospital.

This was also reported upon on in September 2007, with photographs and a video.