Monday, November 08, 2004

34 Paleolithic Age sites found

Chinese archaeologists have spotted another 34 Paleolithic Era sites at a major reservoir area around the city of Danjiangkou in central Hubei province during a rescue excavation in the region.

Of the 34 sites, 15 were located in Yunxian county, six in Danjiangkou city and one in an inundated area of Shiyan City, according to a field investigation team under the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

The archaeologists confirmed the sites to be built respectivelyin the early, middle and late periods of the Paleolithic Era.

The new discovery provides rare, important valuable material clues for the study of the evolution of the prehistoric "Yunxian man", an expert acknowledged.

Danjiangkou Reservoir is the major source of water supply for the middle route of the mammoth South-North Water Diversion Project.

Note to all journalists: "Digging archaeology" is no longer funny BCCC students dig archaeology

After taking an ancient-civilization course in high school, Bucks County Community College student Tina Nunn became interested in history.

"I always had a respect for the subject," said the 18-year-old archaeology major from Levittown. "But I wanted to find stuff."

That's why she jumped at the chance when Lyle Rosenberger, BCCC professor of historic preservation, offered his students the opportunity to study artifacts from the Clark Nature Center in Newtown Township.