Monday, November 15, 2004

Indian pottery dating to 700 B.C. found at Panhandle condo site

Archaeologists have found pieces of rare Indian pottery dating between 400 and 700 B.C. at the site of a proposed condominium complex in downtown Fort Walton Beach.

Among thousands of pottery shards are many with decorated rims very unusual for that period of the early Weedon Island culture, said lead archaeologist Frank Servello.

The decorations indicate the plates and bowls were used by wealthy people. They provide additional evidence the Weedon Island culture had a distinct class structure with the upper class living on the sound, which was the main food source, Servello said.

Um, we really like our readers, we really do! Scientist awarded cyberlibel damages

An Ontario judge has awarded an archeologist $125,000 in damages after a native man used e-mails to smear her as a “grave robber.”

The archeologist's lawyer is calling the ruling a precedent-setting one in the emerging field of Internet libel, a notion that may eventually have a chilling effect on the freewheeling ways computer users send messages.

“People seem to think there is a level of anonymity to e-mail and the Internet. And that it's a lawless area,” said winning lawyer Berkley Sells. “And clearly it is not, nor should it be.”

So, you know, don't send email out telling people we're all scum here.

But if you do, at least get your spelling and grammar correct. If there's one thing we can't stand more than libelous emails, its people who get there wurds all wrong and dont check there speling. or punctuation U Know?