Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Lost civilization. . .found! After flood, Shetrunji throws up a civilisation

Remnants of an ancient civilisation have emerged in Amreli district as the waters of the Shetrunji river receded after the recent floods.

The fury of the Shetrunji — believed to be an ancient river of the pleistocene period — washed away nearly six feet of soil cover seven km from Amreli town, revealing plinths in regular shapes.

Excavation by local residents has revealed earthenware bits that could have been pots and pans. Eyewitnesses say they have also recovered some stones which appear to be embossed. They claim, "Four houses constructed up to the plinth level were seen.

Well, not really. It appears to be some Harappan stuff.

The second one finally drops. . .out of a tree Scientists Discover an Ancient Shoe in UK

Archaeologists have found what is believed to be a 2,000 year old shoe in a hollow tree in southwest England.

Exeter Archaeology team leader Stephen Reed says, "As far as we know, this is the oldest shoe ever found in the United Kingdom. It is reasonably well-preserved, with stitch and lace holes still visible in the leather."

Ancient tower found on Greek island

Archaeologists have uncovered a tower and the remains of a town wall dating back to the fourth century on the island of Tinos in the Aegean Sea, the Greek culture ministry said on Wednesday.

The discovery, near a sanctuary for the Greek god Poseidon and his wife Amphitrite, was made during construction work for an island road.