Thursday, March 16, 2006

EEF news update Wasn't much in the EEF news this week that hasn't been posted before. Okay, a bunch of Sekhmet statues are certainly interesting, but it's not like none have ever been found. One link of note (especially for beer-guzzling archaeologists):

Hideto Ishida, "Two Different Brewing Processes Revealed from
Two Ancient Egyptian Mural Paintings", in: MBAA TQ [Master
Brewers Association of the Americas, Technical Quarterly], vol. 42,
no. 4 . 2005 . pp. 273-282. In PDF (799 kB):
"We attempted the faithful reproduction of the brewing processes
depicted on the mural paintings in the tombs of Niankhkhnum and
Khnumhotep of the Old Kingdom and in the tomb of Kenamun of the
New Kingdom of ancient Egypt using a common pathway. After multiple
reproductions, we succeeded in brewing stable beer using both of
the above processes. Surprisingly, the two processes were proven to be
completely different. We also attempted to analyze the manufacturing
processes depicted in the Kaemraef mural painting, as well as the Meketre
models, of the Middle Kingdom. It was evident that the manufacturing
process of the Kaemref mural painting belonged to the Niankhkhnum
type, while the Meketre models fell under the Kenamun process. These
results indicate that two ancient Egyptian beer-manufacturing processes
coexisted for a long period of time in Upper and Lower Egypt."

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