Thursday, March 30, 2006

Neale archaeological dig into fifth month

LAST Tuesday marked the five-month anniversary of the erection of ‘temporary’ traffic lights at The Neale and with no clear light at the end of the tunnel, the local Councillors are demanding answers from Mayo County Council, as they wonder exactly how long more this situation will continue.

Now the council has said that it is looking to get more staff on the site to speed up the work. Last year, the Council began work on a stretch of road between The Neale and Cross, in an effort to realign and redevelop the R334. Initially, motorists had welcomed the work on the R334, as there was a clear need to reduce the incline on the road and fill in the valley that existed. However, in late October, when workers on this stretch of road uncovered an area of archaeological importance and were forced to call off all works until the site had been fully excavated, the road was immediately reduced to one line of traffic.

Apparently there is a need for more archys but they're having trouble finding enough to work on the site.