Thursday, July 13, 2006

ANd now. . . the news from the EEF

Press report: "The big draw"
"It was to be a book like no other: bigger, more beautifully
bound, more lavishly illustrated. But the man behind the world's
most expensive travel book was no gentleman adventurer.
He was a painter and decorator from Edinburgh with a big talent,
and an even bigger ambition. David Roberts travelled through
the Middle East in the 1830s when such journeys were virtually
unknown, sketching as he went. He published his work, The
Holy Land, Syria, Idumea, Arabia, Egypt and Nubia, in six immense,
folio-sized volumes. "

* Press report/release: "Ancient Egyptian poem could be oldest
description of suicidal thoughts"
"Analysis of an ancient Egyptian poem by a psychiatrist
[Dr. George Tadros] and an Egyptologist [Dr. Ahmes Pahor]
shows that it describes the psychopathology of suicide with
great accuracy."
[This is hardly an original conclusion - what may be new is that they
"used a computer programme with special software for qualitative
analysis to assess the poem.". The poem is not known as "Dispute
over Suicide" but as "The Dispute between a Man and his Ba",
and it is not written by "The Eloquent Peasant", let alone
comissioned by "king Merikare" (Pharaoh as Dr Phil...?), which
are two figures associated with two other pieces of wisdom literature.
For online translations and a bibliography of the Man&his Ba text, see: ]

Press report: "Under the waves. Will Egypt build the first offshore
underwater museum?"
About "an international workshop held last week in Alexandria
to discuss the feasibility of constructing such a museum. "

Online digitised version of:
H.F. Jolowicz, "Case Law in Roman Egypt", Journal of the Society
of Public Teachers of Law, 14 (1937), pp 1-16. In PDF (863 kB).

[Submitted by Michael Tilgner]
* Online versions of:
-- Amanda-Alice Maravelia, Some Aspects of Ancient Egyptian Civilisation,
from the Study of the Principal Love Poem's Ostraca from Deir al-Medina, in:
Zahi Hawass (ed.), Egyptology at the Dawn of the Twenty-first Century.
Proceedings of the Eighth International Congress of Egyptologists, vol. 3,
Cairo 2000, pp. 282-288 - pdf-file (370 KB)
-- Amanda-Alice Maravelia, Cosmic Space and Archetypal Time:
Depictions of the Sky-Goddess Nut in Three Royal Tombs of the
New Kingdom and Her Relation to the Milky Way, in: GM 197,
pp. 55-72 (2003) - pdf-file (1.2 MB)

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