Monday, July 17, 2006

Shaveblogging update

As I feel relatively certain that regular ArchaeoBlog readers are utterly fascinated with my grooming habits, I thought I'd update the shaveblogging saga.

I have discovered, through semi-rigorous, non-double-blind, fairly uncontrolled clinical trials, that standard shaving cream from a can does not work well with an old-timey double edged safety razor. They probably were designed with the much less copious soaps and creams-from-a-tube of days gone by. Thus far, without resorting to the true anachronism of actually using a brush and soap, I have determined that the best modern option seems to be a gel such as Edge. My guess is that one generally applies a much lighter coating that doesn't clog up the blade -- modern multi-blades seem to have a more open design that allows all that junk to pass through the blades and not interfere.

Much to my dismay, however, I also discovered that Edge doesn't apparently make the kind that has the menthol in it. The stuff feels darn good, tellyawhat. And yes, I did spend several minutes examining the ingredients on every.single.colored.can. Happily, however, Barbasol makes a gel with menthol. Interestingly, they also make a brushless cream from a tube.

I suppose I could continue on here with an extended discussion of how this illustrates the vital archaeological principle of how one must consider whole suites of artifact traits when assessing the meaning of differential variation persisting through time, but as a concerned and considerate blogger, I shall spare you.