Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Video update The Archaeology Channel has a new vid up:
In this interview, conducted at Paisley Five Mile Point Caves on June
13, 2007, by Rick Pettigrew of ALI, Dr. Dennis Jenkins describes the
remarkable discovery of human DNA in coprolites dated between 14,000
and 15,000 calibrated years ago. This evidence, reported in the 3
April 2008, issue of the journal Science, strongly supports the
proposition that human migrants to North America arrived at least
1000 years before the widespread Clovis complex appeared. The data
also support the conclusion that the first human population
originated in northeast Asia. Dr. Jenkins, standing in the very spot
where his field school team recovered the evidence, relates why and
how the excavation was carried out, explains the significance of the
find and shares his personal reflections on making a momentous
discovery. Images woven into the interview show the environment
surrounding the caves and the student archaeologists comprising the
field crew.

It's about this story. I haven't watched it yet, will do so when I get home tonight.

Been going nuts getting taxes in and dealing with hiring a contractor.