Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Breaking news Egypt discovers missing sections of Sphinx road, bottom part of pyramid

"The missing sections of the so-called Sphinx road and the
bottom part of an unknown pyramid in Sakkara area have
been discovered in southwest Cairo, the Egyptian SCA
said on Tuesday. (..) Zahi Hawwas noted that it is believed
that the discovered parts are connected to the passage leading
to Anubis Temples. He also announced the discovery of the
bottom part of a pyramid, which was believed to belong to
King Menkauhor (from 2,444 B.C. to 2,436 B.C.) of the
Fifth Dynasty."

Just came over the EEF wire. The new pyramid seems the most interesting to me, especially if it contains new texts in any existing chambers. More undoubtedly coming on this.

UPDATE: Also via EEF, a bit more information with two photos. Apparently, Lepsius had discovered the pyramid but it hadn't been investigated further. No cartouche yet so whether it's really OK is still up in the air.