Saturday, July 12, 2008

Blogging update Back to posting. What a week. Finally got said paper to the proofers and a bunch of other niggly little projects done. Go me. There've been two paper in the J of Archy Science that I've been dying to read, too which I shall get to after blathering on a bit and posting a few other items. One's on a spatial analysis of floor assemblages and the other is. . . .hmmmm. I think it was the crystal skull paper.

So anyway, a nice Saturday morning with a glass of iced tea and Styx blasting on the stereo. The Grand Illusion, as a matter of fact. I was a total Styx fanatic when I was in my late teens. I think they were the first concert I went to, too. Band called New England opened for them. Never did see them again though; I lost interest after the Pieces of Eight album when they went all weird. I think I bought the one right after PoE and didn't even bother with the Mr. Roboto one. That was one of two bands that went off the rails in the early '80s, the other being REO Speedwagon. Lawdy, did they ever change. I guess both widened their audience when they got away from hard rock, but they lost their major fan base and kinda went kaput shortly thereafter.

Does this have anything to do with archaeology? No it doesn't. Other than functioning as a lead in to the next post. . . . .

UPDATE: Okay, more blathering. Still having fun with the new big-ass TV. You know what the best part of it is so far? Concerts. A couple of the music video cable channels have some airing and it's great to be able to watch them one a big screen and get decent sound with it hooked up to the stereo. It's been mostly, ummm, older bands (I think they do most of them on VH1 Classic or something). I've seen ZZ Top, Styx, and Motley Crue, among smatters of others. I already had U2's Rattle and Hum and I stuck that in the DVD player the first weekend I had the dumb thing.

Still haven't actually watched anything in high def yet. I have an old cable box hooked up to it which doesn't take HD signals, but when I switched it with the other TV's new box, neither box would work on the other TV. Haven't figured that one out yet. Irritating though. Must get that figured out by football season which is LESS THAN 2 MONTHS AWAY.