Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Search for first Americans to plunge underwater
James Adovasio's latest archaeological expedition to find the first Americans will require little digging.

Still, the Mercyhurst Archaeological Institute director will have to reach depths of several hundred feet.

Adovasio plans to co-lead a two-week expedition in the Gulf of Mexico at the end of the month to look for evidence of early American Indians along the ancient coast of Florida, now about 300 feet underwater, Mercyhurst College in Erie announced Monday.

Not sure I agree with this sentiment though: "There is no question in almost all archaeological minds that the earliest examples of North American occupation are underwater," said Dave Watters, curator and head of anthropology at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History.

I don't see why they would have hugged the coast any more than any other later peoples did. Not like you find people everywhere else in the world at the time just hanging around the coast.