Monday, September 01, 2008

Blogging update Okay, posting resumeth. Not that I've done anything so exciting this weekend to warrant not posting, unless you consider putting up some tile and generally sitting around watching college football on. . . .46" Hi-Def!. . . as "exciting". That and watching 80 Hours of the 80s" videos whenever football isn't on. Which is what I am doing while posting. Just saw Tina Turner. They're doing it alphabetically. Last night I caught the Rolling Stones section; they made really sucky videos. Cheap and they neither lip-synched nor (except for Charlie Watts) instrument-synched very well.

For Labor Day I am mostly laboring, at posting (if you can call this 'labor') and trying to remove creeping charlie or whatever it is from the back yard. I'm going to try a non-chemical method first.

Tommy Tutone! Jenny! 867-5309. . . .

I think he's aq math teacher in Tennessee these days.

UPDATE: Twisted Sister! The video with Neidermeyer. I didn't know this before but he played The Master on Buffy, for all you Buffyheads out there.

Ooh! Two with Neidermeyer! Forgot about the other one.