Wednesday, September 10, 2008

This seems like good news Wake Forest University's Anthropology Museum to unveil online database of entire collection
From 10,000-year-old American Indian tools and weapons to 20th century African masks, more than 26,000 artifacts in the Wake Forest University Museum of Anthropology’s collections will be accessible online in a searchable database.

Beginning Sept. 9, the public will be able to search the online database,, and find a photograph and description of each object, including information about where it was collected.

The collection includes Japanese kimonos, thousand-year-old Egyptian coins, 19th century Inuit dolls, pre-Columbian earthenware pots, and a vast array of other artifacts from cultures around the world.

Looks pretty good. They have photos of many of them, taken with a scale so one could, theoretically, take measurements off the photos. Wish they had a bit more on the artifacts; I didn't see any that had the actual site information or any dates associated with them other than a rough period (might not be available for a lot of them though, especially if they're from older collections). It's a start.