Thursday, September 30, 2004

Following news courtest of The EEF.

Al Ahram Weekly has a report about the recent ICE:
and about other Egyptological events in Grenoble:
And a column by Dr Hawass about the ICE and IAE:

"Bibliography for Preclassical Seafaring"

The Dream Stela of Thutmosis IV
-- Drawing of the stela: LD III, 68 (0.4 MB)
-- A nice drawing of the situation at the time of the Lepsius expedition (0.1 MB)
-- Photograph of the stela (0.4 MB)
[Ed.: The previous web site link is to a very controversial scholar, Robert Schoch, who has been arguing that the pyramids and sphinx are MUCH older than anyone has ever seriously suggested}
-- English translation in: James Henry Breasted, Ancient Records of Egypt, vol. II, Chicago, 1906, sections 810-815
-- Transliteration, English translation and commentary of the dream section only (lines 8-13) in: Appendix of Texts used in Szpakowska, Kasia. Behind Closed Eyes: Dreams and Nightmares in Ancient Egypt. Swansea: The Classical Press of Wales, 2003, pp. 12-14 [in a pdf-file: 0.4 MB]

Online abridged version of a MA thesis by Damien F. Mackey, called "Sothic Dating Examined. The Sothic Star Theory of the Egyptian Calendar - A Critcial Evaluation" (1995)
For an overview of the texts that have provided the "anchors" of ancient Egyptian chronology. It makes for fascinating--and somewhat disturbing--reading.

Online version of: R. L. ten Berge and F. R. W. van de Goot, Seqenenre Taa II, the violent death of a pharaoh, in: Journal of Clinical Pathology, vol. 55, p. 232 (2002)
"In our opinion, the case of Pharaoh Seqenenre Taa II demonstrates the importance of extensive and adequate clinical data. Until the discovery of an eyewitness's report, the precise circumstances of his death remain to be elucidated."

Note: Previous journal article available to subscribers/university people only.

Online version of: María Antonia García Martínez, Amuletos inéditos de tipo egipcio procedentes de Córdoba, in: Faventia, vol. 20, pp. 95-101 (1998) - pdf-file: 66 KB
"The amulets published in this article were accidentally found in Cordoba Province. Except the piece number 4, which was given to the church collection of Montemayor Municipality, the other amulets have been keept by the author of every find or acquired by private collections. In my opinion, the typology of these pieces, as well as my personal exam of them, do not give reason for any doubt about their authenticity."

"Sen-en-Mut Project" [TT 353]
"The project prepared by the I.E.A.I. relative to this emblematic monument, starting from the suggestions made by the Egyptian Supreme Council of Antiquities, involves fitting out the tomb in order to make compatible the visit of the public with its adequate preservation; and all this by means of the adoption of the necessary measures and the installation of the necessary technical elements."
URL (Spanish):
URL (English):
-- Proyecto Sen-en-Mut - campaña 2003