Thursday, September 23, 2004

Three Four quickies:

For the uber-nerdoids out there: Bayesian statistics in archaeology.

Short bibliography. This has no immediate connection to anything posted recently, but that does not concern us.

Indiana Jones`s return delayed by perfectionism

The much awaited return of the adventurous archaeologist Indiana Jones may be delayed due to perfectionism.

George Lucas has reportedly halted the pre-production work on the fourth sequel of Indiana Jones , as he hasn't come across a script, which is "really good".

We've been hearing this for years so take this with a grain of salt. Be that as it may, y'all better hurry up or Harrison Ford will be wielding a walker instead of a whip.

Mmmmmm. . . .bronze age pig roast. . . .</Homer Simpson>


A Top north-east visitor attraction will recreate a Bronze Age funeral this weekend, cremating the body of a pig in a bizarre but significant Scottish Archaeology Month experiment.

Saturday will see staff at the Archaeolink prehistory park at Oyne teaming up with colleagues from the National Museums of Scotland to stage an inferno investigation. The 11am-5pm event will see the experts create an ancient cremation pyre, then set it ablaze to find the effect of heat on objects from clothing and jewellery to offerings.

"This is very much a scientific experiment," said centre manager Lynn Millar.

She said a pig carcase would take the place of an ancient costumed body so as to accurately replicate a Bronze Age pyre.

The pig had died of natural causes, she added, and had not been slaughtered for the sake of the experiment.

Note it's taking place at Oyne.

Seems more for show than anything else, if you ask us (which you haven't but we don't care), but interesting. We're assuming they'll be monitoring the temperature and oxygen levels at various locations within the pyre so they can determine the conditions various objects would be exposed to. But hey, cool anyway.

Mummy Hair Reveals Drinking Habits

Mummy hair has revealed the first direct evidence of alcohol consumption in ancient populations, according to new forensic research.

The study, still in its preliminary stage, examined hair samples from spontaneously mummified remains discovered in one of the most arid regions of the world, the Atacama Desert of northern Chile and southern Peru.

The research was presented at the 5th World Congress on Mummy Studies in Turin, Italy, this month.