Thursday, October 21, 2004

And now for the promised EEF weekly news:

Following news courtesy of the EEF.

Press article about the supposed interrelations between Ancient Egyptian and Hebrew texts:

Really nice article, even if it's more text than artifacts.

Press article about the ancient Jewish colony at Elephantine:

Both good articles by Jill Kamill. Read the whole things.

(University or other subscription access only, but good if you have them)
The Restoration Stela of Tutankhamun (CG 34183)
-- Photographs
-- English translation by John Bennett, The Restoration Inscription of Tut'ankhamun, JEA, vol. 25, pp. 8-15 (1939), [translation, pp. 9-11]:
-- English translation by Benedict G. Davies, Egyptian Historical Records of the Later Eighteenth Dynasty, Fascicle VI, Translated from W. Helck, Urkunden der 18. Dynastie, Heft 22, Warminster, 1995 (partial)

Online version of: Didier Gentet, Jérôme Maucourant, Some Reflections on Price Formation and Price Fluctuation in the Case Egypt at the End of the Second Millenium B.C., paper first presented at the fourth International Karl Polanyi Conference in Montreal, November 1992 - 11 pp., pdf-file: 33 KB

Online version of: Mahmoud Ezzamel, Work Organization in the Middle Kingdom, Ancient Egypt, in: Organization, vol. 11, no. 4, pp. 497-537 (2004) "This paper examines original documents from the Middle Kingdom in ancient Egypt (2050-1780 BC), containing material on various practices relating to the organization of work and labour discipline in state projects." -
pdf-file: 408 KB

[Submitted by Peter Brand (]
"I am pleased to announce that the Karnak Hypostyle Hall Project of the University of Memphis now has its own website. Please visit us at:
Our team will be leaving for Egypt on October 20th, 2004, for a 3 month season. The website will continue to grow as we add season reports and other information. Please add us to your links pages where appropriate."