Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Two new items just in off the wire

Archaeologist to examine Old City Cemetery next week

Archaeologist John Keller said it could take up to six weeks to fully examine Brownsville’s Old Cemetery dating back to at least 1848.

Keller’s work starts next week following Commissioners Court approval Tuesday of an agreement with him.

The court capped the fees for his services at $50,000, but should there be any need for subcontractors, the county will pay their actual cost plus 10 percent.

MSU archaeologist part of major Cuba initiative

Mississippi State University archaeologist John O'Hear has spent his entire career exploring early Native American life in the Southeast. But because he grew up in Argentina and speaks fluent Spanish, he recently also has become a co-investigator of a project seeking to unravel archaeological secrets at one of the most important sites in southern Cuba.

The early 16th century site is so significant O'Hear describes it as the equivalent of "1,000 years from now being able to dig at the site of Ebenezer Baptist Church, Martin Luther King's home church in Atlanta."