Tuesday, October 05, 2004

This seems positive Prestwich skeletons: memorial for Green Point

While archaeologists moved back on site to exhume skeletons from Prestwich Street this week, plans are afoot that could see a large section of Green Point become a heritage area with a museum housing the excavated human skeletons forming a central focus.

On Monday developers Ari Efstathiou and Andre van der Merwe, owners of the Prestwich Street site where the skeletons were found, said they had been in discussion with the city council and the SA Heritage Resources Agency (Sahra) about a proposal that would use a section of Green Point for a memorial to all the people who were buried at sites in the area.

Amateurs, unite! FAITHFUL AMATEURS

WHEN LATE September rolls around each year, freelance author Zach Kent of Passaic, N.J., gets excited about getting into a pit with his trusty trowel.

At the same time, in Dresden, Tenn., Jeff Higgs can hardly wait to trade his dental office for the great outdoors in Orange County.

And Mary Wyman, Nancy Wright and Cindy Reusche?

The residents of Washington, Philadelphia and Lake Forest, Ill., count the days until they can once again become volunteer archaeologists at Montpelier, the estate of President James Madison and his politically accomplished wife, Dolley.

A lot of excavation projects would be lost without volunteers. I believe we've posted on this subject before, but are far too lazy busy with important archaeological investigations to go look for said posts.