Friday, September 15, 2006

Remains Linked to Massacre Found in Nephi
Digging in a ravine, a home builder discovered the remains of seven American Indians believed to have been killed in 1853 during a conflict with Mormon pioneers.

A scientist described the discovery in Nephi, 85 miles south of Salt Lake City, as extremely important.

"These people have an important story to tell," assistant state archaeologist Ronald Rood said.

Texas tollway project yields infant grave
Archaeologists in Texas are studying the gravesite of an infant girl who died more than 100 years ago and unearthed recently by construction workers.

Signs of the infant's wooden casket were discovered near the path for the Dallas North Tollway extension in the town of Frisco in Collin County, the Dallas Morning News reports.

The infant had been buried in the Sonntag Family Cemetery and her grave was overlooked years ago when the remains of other family members were removed.