Friday, September 01, 2006

This week's news from the EEF

Press report: "Mummy figures unearthed in Enfield"
The Forty Hall Museum "discovered the four valuable and
ancient Egyptian Shabti, or funerary figures, in its collection
(..) no-one knew who had donated them or where they had
come from." An overseer figure "is from the tomb of a King's
daughter, called Nes, and it dates from the 22nd Dynasty."

Press report: "The elite of the millennia"
A tour through the second Royal Mummies Hall at the
Egyptian Museum in Cairo.

* Press reports: "Ramses statue moved to new home" /
"Pharaoh statue moved near Pyramids"
"The trip took about 10 hours from Ramses Square -- its
home since the early 1950s when it was taken from a temple
at the site of the ancient Egyptian capital of Memphis -- to its
new location about a mile from the pyramids near the site of
the future Grand Museum of Egypt."
The CNN page mentions a link to a slideshow.
--- Plenty of other reports, of which I will only mention:
Which mentions a link to a slideshow:

Archaeology's Interactive Dig for Hierakopolis has been
updated, with three reports from teh 2006 season:

Online version of: Heinrich Brugsch, My Life And My Travels, privately
published, Waban, MA, 1992. English translation of Heinrich Brugsch, Mein
Leben und mein Wandern, 2nd ed., Allgemeiner Verein für Deutsche Litteratur,
Berlin, 1894
"... the public voice in so far as it has to do with my modest person
considers me fortunate for having the golden apple, so to speak, fall into
my lap. Just the opposite is true. From the beginning of my career, I had to
face insurmountable difficulties and miseries, and whoever can read between
the lines will find incredible and even astonishing experiences."

"Scanning Ramesses II in Egypt with Leica HDS2500" - pdf-file (470 KB)
"... It is planned that the 90 ton statue shall find a new home in the soon
to be built Grand Egyptian Museum. Archaeological, geological and
architectural studies are currently underway, and state-of-the-art
techniques are being used to fully record the statue before the move.
Among these, a Leica HDS2500 laser scanner, providing a perfect
3D-model of Ramesses II."
-- Additional report - pdf-file: 445 KB

* Mostafa Abdel-Bary Ebrahim, 3D source for Egyptian monument
information system, in: GIS Development Middle East, vol. 2, no. 3,
pp. 18-23 (2006) - pdf-file: 5.6 MB (whole issue)
"The objective of this paper is to present the digital close range
photogrammetry as the ideal technique for documenting the world heritage
in a real 3D shape with the ability to visualizing them in different ways
through an information system. GIS is the best environment to deal with such
documental as it will document our heritage in different shapes as text,
images, animation, VRML, and movies. This could be the start of establishing
an information system for the Egyptian's monuments with their 3D real shape
that called 'Egyptian 3D monument information system'."

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