Thursday, September 14, 2006

This just in: Shakira digs history USA Weekend via Gawker via PhDiva via Mark Morgan via email:
She may fit the mold of MTV vixen, but Shakira (who reportedly has an IQ of 140) has no interest in being the next Britney. For her upcoming world tour, she has decided to skip the personal trainer and masseur and instead made the surprising decision to hire a history professor for in-the-field tutorials. "We're getting someone on sabbatical," manager Ceci Kurzman says, "so that each place we go she can get a history lesson."

I really need to do a reader survey so I can determine the age range of my readership so I can further determine the sort of comments I could post for a story like this. (Hint: Scarlett Johannson! Shakira! You can guess the rest. . .)

You can click for a so-so picture of said history buff. I shan't lower myself to engage in cheap stunts to garner hits from those types of searches.

But, um, if you happen to find any really good pics. . . . .