Saturday, May 17, 2008

ArchaeoBlog review: Indiana Jones. . . cereal! We here at ArchaeoBlog like to keep our dear readers abreast of every new development in the world of archaeology, be it large or small. Thus, with the impending theatrical release of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull we realize that there may be some often confusing and conflicting claims out there about what is real and what is fantasy in the world of Indiana Jones and archaeology generally. We also care deeply about the health and welfare of our faithful readership and consequently will render whatever assistance we can in helping our reading public make informed and healthy choices in their comestibles.

With that in mind, we now proceed with a review of the latest Indy offering, Kellogg's Indiana Jones cereal. First noted here, I have recently opened the one on the right and had a taste. Here is what comes in the box:

Full image here.

The main kibble (if I may use that term) is a little chocolate puff similar to a Kix or Coco Puffs (different company though). Yummy dry, but one must take care in the eating of it: it's like Cap'n Crunch in that if you don't chew it on the sides of your mouth it will tear up the roof of your mouth.

Mixed in are marshmallow treats, not unlike Lucky Charms. In truth, I only was able to dig out three, but there are actually four. From left to right they are: Indy's hat, the Temple of Akator, and a crystal skull. Missing is a torch, which looks kinda like the hat and the temple stuck together. I have a feeling most of them settle to the bottom of the box.

Like Coco Puffs or any other chocolate cereal, I suspect that when eaten with milk it will leave a delicious bowl of chocolate milk when you're done. I have only consumed it dry, however. Sadly there is no toy associated with it. I have a box of Frosted Flakes with an Adventure Spoon and as soon as I can convince myself to open the box (I don't eat that stuff) I will dig (heh) it out and post that as well.

I'll give this stuff a thumbs up and recommend it for snacking.