Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Indiana Jones update Well, I guess it opened in some cities today, but tomorrow is the big day. I've not linked to any reviews, but here is one that seems to sum up most of the reactions (and provide more of the storyline):
A lost ancient city in the jungle, Soviet spies, Stone Age warriors, man-eating ants, a flying saucer, a pit of sucking sand, river rapids, waterfalls, and an atom-bomb blast are all part of the thrills in a film that moves, moves, moves without letup. And if the many subplots sometimes collide and threaten to pull the movie in several directions at once, Ford paves the way with Indiana’s wry quips and fast moves that snap the action back on course.

Most of the reviews seem kind of negative. I was reading one blog post that extolled the virtues of the original and its relative lack of effects, something that I can relate to. The original didn't have all that much in it and most of the best scenes were simple: Indy running away from a rolling sphere, Indy fighting with a big bald guy around a cool airplane (same actor that played the Big Baddy in the second film, btw), Indy jumping on a horse and riding off after the Ark. So I hope the effects in this one aren't terribly gratuitous.

I doubt I'll see it this weekend though because I hate movie crowds. Feel free to post comments on it, or head over to ArchaeoForum and post on it.