Friday, June 09, 2006

And now. . .the news from the EEF

“High Tech Laser Cleaning Egyptian Tomb”
"Dr. Michael Panzner of the Fraunhofer Institute for Material
and Beam Technology IWS in Dresden is the first scientist
to use a laser for cleaning an Egyptian tomb.”
-- Press release by the Fraunhofer Institute for Material and
Beam Technology IWS (basically the same as the above
press report):
-- The work is being done in the tomb of Neferhotep (TT49);
society dedicated to the conservation of this tomb:

Press report: "French-Egyptian development project to protect monuments"
"An Egyptian-French project to develop the Karnak Temple area in
Luxor aims at protecting the priceless monuments.. The project will
include specific lanes for tourists to head off any damage to the
monuments...Hawass further said that an Egyptian-French expedition
will embark on excavation of a port on the River Nile near Karnak."

Press report: "With 5 coffins down, no mummy to be found"
About KV63 and the find of the gold coffinette. Not much new
info, but there's a phone interview with Dr Schaden:
"The team hopes to get a portable X-ray machine and
scanner to the site within "a week or so" to peer into the
last two [coffins], made brittle by ravaging termites. "
[About the pillows in the youth coffin:]
"The coffin yielded six fragile linen pillows. The stuffing hasn't
been analyzed. "There aren't very many pillows known from
ancient Egypt. Some are depicted," he said. "It's probably the
largest collection of ancient pillows from Egypt." Under the
pillows, they were surprised to find the gold coffin. It held no
mummy, just "little lumps of mud," he added."

"Mummy rests peacefully at Naperville Central"
"Naperville Central could be the only high school in the country
to have a resident, authenticated mummy. (..) The mummified
young girl (...) was probably 5 or 6 years old when she died
more than 2,000 years ago. She was brought to the school in
the 1940s after being donated by Dr. Winifred Martin of
Naperville, but sat in the basement for decades collecting
dust until a teacher rescued her 22 years ago."

The Royal Cache TT 320 (Luxor), Fifth season, 2006
English version:
"On March 1-29, 2006 The Centre for Egyptological Studies of the
RAS and the Institute of Egyptology and Coptology of the Muenster
University carried out the last, fifths, season of archaeological survey
at the Royal Cache TT 320." - See also "general information" on
this website.
-- Website about the Cachette of the Royal Mummies,
Deir el-Bahri TT320:

Deborah Ruscillo (Ed.), Recent Advances in Ageing and
Sexing Animal Bones. Oxbow Books 2005. Hb, 272 pp.
ISBN 1842171224. US $130.00
Info and TOC:
"The eighteen papers in this book examine the state of research for various techniques of age/sex determination and assess potential future development."

At the Osirisnet website of Thierry Benderitter, a new
subsection has appeared that is dedicated to the tomb of
Nefersekheru (TT296), with photographs and maps:

End of EEF news