Thursday, June 29, 2006

This weeks news from the EEF

Press report: "Museum scans mummies for clues to past"">">
"Two mummies from the Milwaukee Public Museum have
received computerized tomography, or CT, scans.....The scans,
performed Friday, are part of a larger effort by the Akhmim Mummy
Studies Consortium to gather images of mummies collected from
the Akhmim site in Egypt. " [For the Akhmim Mummy Studies
Consortium, see EEFNEWS (408).].

Update on the "King Tut's necklace shaped by fireball" story:
[For a picture of the scarab and the raw material, see the EEFBBS at
It belongs to two informative posts by Giancarlo Negro dd. Oct 2000
about Libyan Desert Glass.]

Press report about the reopening of the Coptic Museum in Cairo:

In Science of March-April 2001, there was a debate in the
letters section about whether there were Duikers in Ancient Egypt;
now available online (in HTML):;291/5509/1701b;292/5516/440a
[Cp. EEFNEWS (139) - but at the time the pages were only
available for registered users.]

Online version of: Thilo Rehren and Edgar B. Pusch, "Late Bronze
Age Glass Production at Qantir-Piramesses, Egypt", in: Science
vol. 308 (17 June 2005), pp. 1756-1758. Online in PDF (249 kB):;308/5729/1756
"Evidence for the production of glass from its raw materials in the
eastern Nile Delta during the LBA."
-- See also:
Caroline M. Jackson, "Enhanced: Glassmaking in Bronze-Age Egypt",
in: Science vol. 208 (17 June 2005), pp. 1750-1752. Online in
PDF (2398kB):;308/5729/1750
-- This research was announced exactly one year ago, see
EEF Forum dd June 17 and EEFNEWS (360), but at the time the
articles were not available for free.

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