Thursday, June 15, 2006

Cradle of an early civilisation
THE Bujang Valley in Kedah was the bustling centre of a rich and prosperous kingdom between the third and 12th century AD.

It was then known as Nusantara, a Sanskrit word which means ‘seat of all felicities.’

The area, which was also called Bujanga or ‘Valley of the Serpent’ was Southeast Asia’s central trading entreport which dealt with cargo brought by Arab, Chinese, Indian as well as maritime traders from the Malay archipelago.

Heh. Bosnian Pyramids: Absence of Evidence is not Evidence of Atlantis
If something looks like a pyramid, and every news source says it's a pyramid then you'd have to have a fairly good reason to think there might be something else going on.

Blog entry with quite a bit of discussion and links on the various aspects of it.

And speaking of which: Seductions of Pseudoarchaeology: Pseudoscience in Cyberspace
"[Pseudoarchaeological] perpetrators and their followers seemed to deal with each and every objection by abusing the questioner, twisting facts, or invoking an Egyptological conspiracy that would make Watergate look insignificant," says Wall, who claims to be particularly proud of having been labeled a "sniveling, insinuating little worm" by one preeminent pseudoarchaeological author during an online discussion.

I checked out the Hall of Ma'at web site and it looks like a reasonable addition to the link list.