Monday, June 26, 2006

In Search of. . . .

Anyone remember that show from the 1970s? Leonard Nimoy (Star Trek) narrated it. It was a half-hour "documentary" on some mysterious phenomenon or event or some such. Ancient astronauts to Amelia Earhardt, Bigfoot, Atlantis, you name it. They even did one show on how the earth was cooling (all sorts of scientists say so!). These sorts of programs were numerous in the 1970s, many even making it to the big screen. I remember watching Chariots of the Gods? and thinking it was way cool, and they also had one that I saw in the theater all about Bigfoot. Maybe it was about other stuff, too. I always thought Steve Miller took a riff from that show's theme song, too.

Anyway, the EEF list has a thread on where the body of Alexander the Great may lie. Aayko pointed out this link which purports to provide evidence of where said stiff lies. According to Aayko: "Whatever one thinks of his ideas, the page has some "ancient testimonies" about the tomb."