Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Breaking news Gene study suggests Native Americans came from Siberia
A US genetic study bolsters claims that Native Americans are descended from one migrant group that crossed a lost land link from modern Siberia to Alaska -- not waves of arrivals from Asia, as rival theories say.

The new study by the University of Michigan, published Monday, examined genes of indigenous people from North to South America and from two Siberian groups, the university said in a report introducing the research.

Analysis found one unique genetic variant widespread across both the northern and southern American continents -- suggesting that all Native Americans were descended from a single group, not various ones as the rival theory holds.

Also: The study also found that genetic diversity increased the further away people were from the Bering Strait -- as would be expected if the migration were "relatively recent," the report said,

All of which (if correct) doesn't negate the idea that there were multiple migrations, just that some of them didn't leave any descendants. Plus there are numerous populations, living and deceased, that need to be sampled; there may be pockets of people without the variant. Should be much more coming on this.

For example, here.