Saturday, November 03, 2007

"Sea monsters" actually about forensic archaeology

Not all science is truth, and that’s the belief of the science community itself rather than the thought of skeptics. Some science is the formulation of theory, put forth for confirmation or refinement. Archaeological information about pre-historic life creates a puzzle for archaeologists and biologists to piece together, and the Reuben H. Fleet Science Center movie “Sea Monsters” is actually more about forensic archaeology than the pre-historic fish and reptiles.

At one time places such as Kansas, North Dakota, and Texas were covered with water. Whether that was due to the Biblical 40-day flood or to a former ocean which was erased when two tectonic plates met to create the Rocky Mountains is irrelevant; what is important is that there are fossils in the American Midwest and elsewhere which prove the existence of marine life. “Sea Monsters” combines archaeological finds with the projected activities of the creatures who now exist in fossil form.