Friday, November 23, 2007

Things I Hate For now, one of them is the feature that ABC/ESPN does in their football broadcasts: introduce the teams by having someone often not related to footbal at all do it. Usually it's lame. Some dork who obviously knows nothing about the team reading a teleprompter badly. Some of the time it's kind of fun, like when they have a celebrity do it. Mostly it's just lame.

Except today for the Colorado-Nebraska game where they had Cartman (South Park) introduce Colorado. Heh. "He's got more interceptions than Boulder has hippies. And Boulder has a loooooot of hippies."

I rarely watch SP, btw. I don't know why, it probably would appeal to my sense of humor.

Sad to see both Colorado and Nebraska not contending for anything. I've always had a soft spot for Colorado for some reason, maybe because I was born there, but other than the Denver airport I've never been there since. The day after Thanksgiving used to be the day Nebraska and Oklahoma played, usually for the Big 8 title. Then Oklahoma fell on hard times and Colorado was good in the late '80s and '90s so Nebraska switched to playing them. I used to go work in the lab these Friday mornings and then work out from 11-noon. I hardly ever watched the game itself, but I have fond memories of checking the score in the student lounge after working out. Always used to like that post-Thanksgiving workout. . .after pigging out the day before (or not, but if not, at least there was drinking) it felt good to sweat like a pig for a while.

No, I didn't stuff myself yesterday. Eating too much just doesn't feel good to me anymore, so I mostly nibble on appetizers all day (YUM) and then eat modestly for the formal dinner portion. And then only the stuff I don't eat the rest of the year.