Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Another weird band no one ever heard of but me Called "The Men". From the late '80s/early '90s. So rare I have yet to find even a mention of them on the Interwebs. There's a newer group of he same name, but the ones I'm thinking of had some minor success back when alternative was new. I don't remember if I heard them on the radio or because my roomie at the time just had the CD. Kind of a weird group; the only song I remember (I have a tape of the album) was sort of a weird Kerouac-esque song about some guys who take a road trip in "an old Oldsmobile that one of them bought off their father". I think the song was called "The Thing".

Oh yeah, I just found it on Amazon: The Men. Hmmmm. . . .no song called "The Thing". The "Church of Logic, Sin and Love" title sounds familiar though. Who knows, maybe I've got the complete wrong group! I just ordered it for $4.29. Reliving my tattered youth, I am.

UPDATE: I just dug out my tape(s) and am wondering if "The Thing" might be by Mary My Hope instead. And I'm SURE you've all heard of them, too. I'll have to listen to both to try to find it.

UPDATE II: No, it was The Men:
"Church of Logic, Sin & Love" was quite successful on modern rock stations in 1992. Half spoken-word '60s nostalgia, half Crowded House-style guitar pop, "Church of Logic, Sin & Love" offered a respite from angst-ridden grunge, but the song was perhaps too quirky to have any appeal beyond alternative radio. The track had poetic imagery -- "It's the kind of place where space explorers could have landed/Around 1963/when John F. Kennedy was in Life Magazine/And everything was aqua marine, aqua marine". . .