Monday, February 04, 2008

Blogging update Might not post much the rest of today because I, um, errrr, okay, I'll probably spend this evening watching the Super Bowl ads online. I didn't watch much of the actual game -- except the last 2 minutes, yay! -- so didn't see any of the commercials.

I have to say I'm pleased with the results. Of the game, that is. The Child Of The '70s in me kind of wants the '72 Fins to remain the only unbeaten (of the "modern era" anyway). I don't really remember that season, since I was only like 10, but I do remember watching a lot of the players from that team. Back then I loved the name "Mercury Morris" and was fascinated that you didn't pronounce the 'C' in Csonka. Back then I was a Minnesota Vikings fan, even if I lived in Wisconsin. I missed the Packer glory years so by the time I started paying attention to football they really sucked. Why would I root for a bad team with boring helmets? I liked the whole Purple People Eater thing.

I don't hate the Vikings now, but to the extent that I follow pro ball, it's the Packers for me. I kind of feel positive towards the Vikes these days since Brad Childress took over; he was the offensive coordinator at Wisconsin when they finally became good in the 1990s under Alvarez. He always had good disciplined offenses at Wisconsin; nothing too fancy, but he worked with what he had brilliantly.

Okay, enough of that. Will post archy stuff at the next opportunity.

UPDATE: Actually, not much time spent viewing SB commercials. Had too much other stuff to do, including going through piles of junk on my desk. I'm terrible at that. I put stuff on my desk that I don't immediately know what to do with and it just keeps piling up. We used to call that 'creating a desk midden'.

There was at least one archaeologically-related one:

Eh. Not like you couldn't see it coming from a mile away.