Thursday, February 28, 2008

Will Huntington Beach homes sit on ancient burial ground?
Archaeologists have unearthed 174 ancient American Indian remains, half of them found over the past 18 months on a site at Bolsa Chica Mesa slated to become a residential community, according to California Native American Heritage Commission officials.

The discovery of hundreds of mysterious cogged stones and now human bone fragments that are up to 8,500 years old confirms decades-long rumors that the Brightwater Hearthside Homes site is an ancient burial ground of international importance, said Dave Singleton, a program analyst with the Native American Heritage Commission.

I dunno, kind of a weird article and issue. Apparently half of the fragments were found over a period of 30 years and the others during the last 18 months. They talk about an "association" of the fragments with certain features, but don't really specify what that association is. Or what the features are. Then it gets kinda goofy with an activist linking this stuff with. . . .Chile. Hard to say what the significance of the fragments are; depending on what fragments they represent and how fragmented they are it might or might not be a "burial ground".

So, who knows. Seems like an interesting area; one hopes the monitors are not letting too much stuff be destroyed without proper mitigation.