Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Historic Jaffa sea wall buried for safety's sake
Jaffa Port officials yesterday began covering a historic sea wall and adjoining piers unearthed in an archaeological dig a few weeks ago, despite public demand to leave them exposed.

The port director said yesterday that the wall would be covered only temporarily, so that people would not fall into pits exposed during the dig.

The sea wall, which once was 4.5 meters tall, protected Jaffa residents during the Ottoman Era. After 500 meters of the wall were exposed in an Israel Antiquities Authority dig, port preservationists, including the Israeli Architects Association and architect Yitzhak Lipowitzky Lir, requested that the wall be left on public display.

You'd think 'preservationists' would want it covered back up where it's been nicely PRESERVED for so long.