Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Blogging update There comes a time, gentle readers, when a faithful blogger must come clean and fess up to his or her failings. And in that spirit of reconciliation, I must hereby confess to something of a sin that I committed recently, one which may, in fact, call into question my very existence as an ArchaeoBlogger, a transgression so heinous and far removed from the rituals of polite society that there rests the vaguest, if not, dare I say, imminent, threat of a complete loss of those readers which I, in my humble position of purveyor and primary contributor to this humblest of blogs, do solemnly appreciate and hold in the highest regard possible in such a largely, if not exclusively, anonymous sphere of communication; readers who, if I may be so bold to assert with the utmost confidence that I have in my possession and which has been nurtured and carefully cultivated over lo' these long years of providing near daily posts to elucidate and make manifest both the pleasures and rigors of that discipline which we call archaeology, deeply and with the greatest sense of both wonder and intellectual curiosity continue to peruse this site for whatever tidbits of archaeological lore may happen upon their field of vision, even going so far as to continue reading long, run-on sentences that are composed solely for the purpose of my own edification and amusement.

Anyway, I plum forgot to blog anything about the opening weekend of 10,000 B.C. which apparently did quite well financially. My bad. Hawks covered it though.