Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Repatriation. . . .but not in the US Anger as burial site digs are blocked
Severe cutbacks in researchers' freedom to study bones and skeletons from ancient graves have been imposed without warning by the Ministry of Justice. The move has caused consternation among archaeologists, who say that the restrictions will badly damage their ability to study Britain's past.

The ruling means permission for digs at burial grounds and old churchyards will be denied in some cases, while in others excavated human remains will have to be reburied within two months of their discovery.

While reading through it, I was thinking that if they didn't want archaeologists digging up cemeteries then just don't give them permission rather than allowing it but only for 2 months. Seems that this part of the new rules would apply to mitigation work, too. Seems a bit draconian to me.