Friday, March 14, 2008

Recent archaeology Don't know if I posted this yet, but I found a couple of sites that are rather fascinating: Cars in Barns and Classic Cars Rotting.

I got directed to these sites by a post over at, where I get a lot of info on maintaining my II. Lot of neat stuff going on such as taphonomy, sedimentation, differential decay, etc. Parts of some of these cars have obviously been stripped, and the link to the M-II site has some discussion of what parts might be useful to take. =) Scavenging! ("Did post-historic man kill this or just scavenge it?")

Some of the parts are already being covered by a layer of organics which is slowly turning into soil. You can also see in many of the pics that plants have begun to take over and will eventually destroy some parts of the cars just by physically pushing through them.

See? Another use for cars as teaching tools in archaeology.