Monday, March 10, 2008

Fight! Fight! Firm says city mismanaged burial site at Ranger museum
An archaeological firm that was fired from a job excavating human bones at the city’s Texas Ranger museum expansion site is claiming the city has mismanaged the project.

The city this week terminated a $437,000 contract with American Archaeology Group to relocate human remains from the site, a former burial ground. Texas Ranger Hall of Fame and Museum director Byron Johnson said the city chose to “part ways” with the firm over differences of opinion about the archaeological process, but he said he can’t say much more because the firm has threatened a lawsuit.

Officials with the archaeology group, which is based in Lampasas, say the city hasn’t told them why they were axed. However, they believe the contract was canceled because their work was too thorough for the city’s liking.

Long article that seems to give both sides. This:
In one picture, the skeleton of a woman lies under a blue water pipe. Her dress is still intact, and the material is synthetic, suggesting the burial was as late as the 1950s or ’60s, Bradle says.

Is troubling though.