Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Non-archaeological site we couldn't pass up How to build an Apollo Guidance Computer (AGC) in your basement

Why build an AGC?

Early computers are interesting. Because they're simple, you can (if you like) actually understand the entire computer, from hardware to software.

The AGC is the most interesting early computer because: a) it flew the first men to the moon; and b) it's the world's first integrated circuit (IC, or microchip) computer. It also has interesting architectural features.

Someone once said, an infinite number of monkeys typing away at keyboards would eventually recreate all the works of Shakespeare; well now, thanks to the Internet, we know it's true. We can say with all confidence that, within 20 years, nothing will escape the notice of someone Out There on the Web.

We find this utterly fascinating, but we're all medium-core nerds anyway. Expect slow download times for the documents, not only because they're large (forget about it if you have dialup) but because Instapundit linked to it, so there will be immense traffic for several days. Hattip to the latter, too.