Thursday, December 23, 2004

Update on new Peruvian civilization Ancient Peru site older, much larger

A Peruvian site previously reported as the oldest city in the Americas actually is a much larger complex of as many as 20 cities with huge pyramids and sunken plazas sprawled over three river valleys, researchers report.

Construction started about 5,000 years ago — nearly 400 years before the first pyramid was built in Egypt — at a time when most people around the world were simple hunters and gatherers, a team from Northern Illinois University and Chicago's Field Museum reports in today's issue of the journal Nature.

Mostly the same info as earlier. And here's the BBC version.

That seems to be it for news so far today. We expect the weekly EEF news to be coming in and we'll post that when we get it.

Err, unless we bugger out early for the holiday, too. In that case, we'll be happily tipping back a few brandy-laced egg nogs and engaging in yuletide merriment and to heck with Egyptology.