Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Archaeologist takes stories to Web
After decades of digging in the dirt for traces of history, archaeologist Richard Pettigrew has turned his attention to dust.

Specifically, the dust collecting on the thousands of reports of past archaeological projects. He already knew that the heart of archaeology is stories - tales about those who came before us, where and how they lived, the things they made, the way they adapted to the rhythms of the earth - and now he's dusting off those stories and getting them out to people other than his fellow diggers and researchers.

Pettigrew is the founder of the Eugene-based Archaeological Legacy Institute and The Archaeology Channel, a Web-based resource that offers free streaming video and audio programs on an array of topics that range from the native people of Western Oregon to the Neolithic settlements of Turkey.

We link to The Archaeology Channel often and it's a good resource. Though It probably ought to be in the Links then, eh? WIll be done soon.

What the Web needs is something like this for site reports.