Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Cemetery archaeology AND Egyptomania Mummy-Shaped Coffin Found While Moving Cemetery
Dan Allen, an archaeologist hired by developers, has seen it all over the years while clearing coffins and bodies.

But, a discovery made Tuesday is rare. Allen and other archaeologists found a pre-Civil War cast-iron coffin shaped like an Egyptian mummy while moving a cemetery for developers at a site on Whites Creek Pike in North Nashville.

“I've only seen three of these in my life,” Allen said. The headstone lay near the site. “It says her name was Mildred Casey, which was her maiden name,” Allen said. Casey was 54-years-old when she died in 1851. A more typical box-type casket was found next to Casey's, likely her husband.

Odd though, since they mention the condition of the clothing but later say they won't open it up due to something called "Coffin liquor".