Monday, August 07, 2006

Last weeks news from the EEF

Press report: "Science takes centuries off mummy's looks:
After 2,300 years, Nefrina emerges as a woman of beauty
and character, but the Reading Public Museum is keeping
her visage under wraps for now. "
A facial reconstruction of a mummy from Akhmim is
"reserved for an unveiling early next year as the museum gears
up for a major exhibit centering on the mummy in 2008." (..)
"They used a newly developed handheld laser system to scan the
surface of both the mummy and her sarcophagus -- the first time
it's been tried on Egyptian archeological material."

Press report: "Dry run for the big day"
"It took eight hours for a replica of the 125- tonne red granite
statue of Ramses II to make its overnight journey from Tahrir
Square to the planned Grand Egyptian Museum."

End of EEF News.