Friday, August 25, 2006

Archaeologists discover more than 70 ancient settlement areas in Yozgat
Archaeologists working at the ancient settlement of Tavium located in what is today Yozgat have discovered more than 70 previously unknown ancient settlements in the area.

The Central Anatolian province, mostly famous for the Chalcolithic Period discoveries at its Alişar Tumulus and the Hittite era artifacts at Kerkenes, is likely to hold much more archaeological wealth than previously believed, and archaeologists say the new studies will shed more light on history.

Austrian archaeologist Professor Karl Strobel, who is currently heading surveys and excavations at the ancient city of Tavium, said he and his assistant Cristoph Gerber have identified the previously unknown settlements in a very large area that stretches as far as Yozgat's borders with Çorum, Kırıkkale and Kırşehir.