Friday, November 17, 2006

And now. . . .news from the EEF

Press report: "Snap Shots"
About the "remains of the only Pharaonic temple outside
mainland Egypt", at Serabit Al-Khadem.

J. J. Castillos has placed online a report on the recent 2006
Toronto Scholars' Colloquium, see:
There's an English version and a Spanish version available.

[Next two items submitted by Michael Tilgner]

Lecture report: Robert K. Ritner, "Tutankhamun for the Twenty-first
Century: Modern Misreadings of an Ancient Culture"
"It is an honor for me to participate in the inaugural festivities for our
president Robert Zimmer by providing a brief introduction to the
Tutankhamun exhibition that awaits you. In proper University of
Chicago fashion, however, your raw enjoyment of the exhibit should
be leavened by the requisite dose of intellectual provocation, and I
hope to leave you with a few questions to ponder as you go where
thousands before you have flocked, been fascinated and departed
with modern artifacts of sphinxes, mummies and bobble-headed
Tuts. I speak as a repeat offender."

Strange object above the pyramids of Giza
"On November 11th, Joanna, one of our regular viewers, alerted
us to an image she saw over the Pyramids on our site at about 9pm
on the 10th. We looked it up in the archives and did indeed find
something that normally should not have been there. No planes
are allowed in the area. Could it be a meteorite?"
[Ed. Interesting, but it appears to be nothing. Go to the site, or just go to It seems to me a bright star, Venus maybe, elongated due to a longer exposure? Another couple of stars over to the lower right seem similarly elongated but not as bright.

"No other object has been misidentified as a flying saucer more often than the planet Venus. Even the former leader of your United States of America, James Earl Carter, Jr., thought he saw a UFO once, but it's been proven he only saw the planet Venus. Venus was at its peak brilliance last night. You probably thought you saw something up in the sky other than Venus, but I assure you, it was Venus."

Anyone who knows where that's from. . . .well, congratulations.]

Herbert Verreth, The Northern Sinai from the 7th Century BC
till the 7th Century AD. A Guide to the Sources, Leuven, 2006,
1291 pages, available online in PDF, in two volumes (26Mb +
20Mb). TOC and downloads at:
A historical topography of the northern Sinai, with a survey of
the places mentioned in sources from the 7th century BC till the
20th century AD and of the known archaeological sites.

Katherine Griffis-Greenberg ( has
just completed a richly illustrated web page about the coffin prepared
for the pet cat of the eldest son of Amenhotep III, with a rendering
of the "She-Cat" coffin text:
"The Coffin of The She-Cat of Crown Prince Thutmose ("Thutmose V"),
Cairo CG 5003 JE 30172 "

End of EEF news