Sunday, November 26, 2006

New from The Archaeology Channel Pettigrew sends this email:

Friends and colleagues: ALI created The Archaeology Channel
(, our nonprofit streaming-media Web
site, in part to give voice to indigenous peoples. Their knowledge and
traditions are a precious element of the human cultural heritage. That
is why we are especially pleased to announce the launch of Wisdom of the
Elders, our latest audio series.

Produced by a nonprofit organization of the same name based in Portland,
Oregon, Wisdom of the Elders is a series of one-hour Native American
cultural magazine radio programs offering a rich tapestry of oral history
and storytelling from indigenous elders along with special features on
health and healing, grandmother's culture, and music—both traditional
and contemporary. We will add one program each week, beginning with the
first program of the first of the three existing series. The first
program went up on November 20, 2006.

Haven't checked it out yet, but do so.