Monday, November 13, 2006

Hmmmmmm. . . . . Stonehenge built by a single person? See this video which, by the way, I have not done yet. Will do so this evening. Feel free to comment.

UPDATE: Watched it. Interesting. The first part where he's twirling slabs of concrete around doesn't seem very relevant (if they had slabs of flat concrete to twirl things on in Stonehenge days, maybe) but I liked the rest of it. Neither principle is entirely new; I've seen variations on both the rocking-and-buttressing and sliding-into-a-hole thing before (the latter is the preferred method of erecting an Egyptian obelisk). Personally, I like this approach of his more than the usual "Let's try to build an ancient structure in two weeks!" type of thing we usually see, since a guy constantly experimenting with different ways to do things is probably much closer to the ancient way of learning by trial and error.