Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Students seek to unearth club
Prothro explained that besides El Llano there were once lots of active societies in the Southwest, but now the numbers are down to just a few.

Don Clifton, an archaeologist from Pep, agrees that the area could use a society.
“With the approximation of so many areas, there is so much interest in it (archaeology),” Clifton said. “It (the interest) needs to be developed in the public.”

The organization hosts speakers at its monthly meetings, held every third Thursday, and plans to give members the opportunity to help at the site, museum and in local classrooms, and possibly even be involved in field work.

Kinda doubtful that we'll ever get back to those thrilling days of yesteryear when archaeological societies held monthly meetings, invited big time speakers, conducted excavations, and published results. OTOH, similar groups are already operating, though decidedly without the approval of professional archaeologists. Then again, maybe this should be a prod to get professors and CRM professionals involved locally.