Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Consumer note: PIAA wipers are the best I have ever found. That is all. Archaeological blogging will continue shortly. I hope you all had a faaaaaabulous holiday weekend and were far too busy enjoying friends and family that you didn't notice that no archaeoblogging was taking place. For what it's worth, I was doing the above and also dealing with a new little varmint that has entered the ArchaeoBlog household:

Yeah, he's got one eye. The female consensus on a name seems to be "Winkie" which I am attempting to avoid (it's just so. . . .girly). Actually, "Indiana" is in the running because he's a fearless little explorer, which might be partly explained by the fact that his depth perception is a little off and so he tends to just jump everywhere. But, as usual, the proper name will eventually make itself known.